Thursday 31 December 2009

Saturday 19 December 2009

Remnants of what once was

The only option at this time of night is Spainish motorway service station food. Hopefully I won't see you again later.

Thursday 10 December 2009

Sunn O)))

Like their sound, performance verging on Spinal Tap, bought a new one of their hoodies since I've worn the old one so much.

Monday 7 December 2009

Electric Deluxe Podcast

Yeah I know, another podcast. But this one's quite different.

For the Electric Deluxe Podcast, contributors are encouraged to record something quite different from the standard club DJ mix.
With this in mind, I compiled some of my favorite electro acoustic and experimental electronic CDs most of which is from the 'pre-computer' dominated period of electronic music.

Margaret Leng Tan performs Alvin Lucier's Nothing Is Real (Strawberry Fields Forever)
Jilat - Strawberry Fields
Pierre Henry - Les Tahaumaras I
Bob Ostertag - Burns like fire (exerpt)
Trevor Wishart - Two Women Part 1
PSI Performer - 1961 (Anthony Child remix)
Trevor Wishart - Two Women Part 3
Mogwai - Fear Satan (Surgeon remix)
Whitehouse - Dance The Desperate Breath
Pierre Henry - Le Langage
COH & Peter Christopherson - My Angel (Director's Cut)
Whitehouse - The Avalanche

Download here.

Friday 4 December 2009

FACT 106

Part of my DJ set recorded at Cafe Capital, Antwerp, Belgium on 6th November is now available on the FACT Magazine website.
Here. (Available for three weeks)

Thursday 26 November 2009

ClubbingSpain podcast

Podcast I recorded for ClubbingSpain.

Over the last 10 years I've been expanding the range of music I've included in my DJ sets inspired by the new DJ technologies that have become available in that time.
For years I have loved what I describe as "UK bass music" (dubstep, breakbeat, grime, funky and all its other names) and love to combine it with all other forms of techno in my DJ sets, especially when I play in the UK. No matter what I play, it still retains the flow, the thread of techno. This creates much greater dynamics, drama, tension and release in a set.
Exposing this full range to select, forward thinking audiences has proved successful and I now feel it's time to bring this to more and more people.
So here I present to Spanish techno fans my combination of techno and UK bass music. Future music.

Peverelist - Infinity Is Now
Surgeon - Waiting For Me Pt.1
The Parallel - Abyss
SP:MC & Joker D - Bad Dream
Mika Vainio - Barbarians
Ital Tek - Topaz
Surgeon - Ice
Surgeon - Compliance Momentum
Harmonia and Eno 76 - By The Riverside (Appleblim and Komonazmuk remix)
Cari Lekebusch - Spindizzy (Luke's L.B. Dub remix)
Elemental - Metal Funk
Surgeon - Remnants Of What Once Was
RSD - Good Energy
Dominik Muller - Wajcha (PO remix)
Surgeon - The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles
Elemental - Waterworks
Function - Montage
Michaelangelo - Thaumaturgist (Exium remix)
Zomby - Kaliko
Surgeon - Klonk Pt.3
Surgeon - CBX13 live in Norway
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics A
Instra:Mental - Forbidden
Surgeon - Floorshow 1a

Download available here.

Saturday 21 November 2009


Size of an aircraft hangar. Those lights in the distance are drinks fridges.

Brno, Cz

Not sure what they made of my ''Vamp / Total Confusion / Nebula II'' medley. (It was a RAVE after all.)

Friday 20 November 2009

Lost - somewhere near Vienna.

Thick fog. GPS doesn't seem to work in Czech Republic. Found the venue after 4 hours.

Friday 6 November 2009

Do the Trouser Press Baby

Where would the world be without the Corby Trouser Press / Presse-Pantalon / Hosenbügler?

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Passing Notes

Over the years I've been passed some amusing (and unintelligible) notes while I've been DJing. Below are a few examples.




Sadly I couldn't find my favorite given to me as Karl and I played a British Murder Boys set in Manchester a few years ago, "Sort your tunes out mate! The guy before was much better."

Thursday 24 September 2009

DEAF mix

I did a short mix for the Dublin Electronic Music Festival website.

Point B - Candour
RD - Cherpa
Hoodrum - Alfred (Juan Atkins mix)
Samuli Kemppi - Metal Space (Mike Dehnert Remix)
Phantom Regiment - Untitled
Retail & Leisure - Positional Stability
T-Polar - Little Colossus
Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - Soon (KiNK remix)
Monolake - Atlas
Untold - Discipline
Zomby - Godzilla
T-Polar - Crab People
Cyrus - Space Cadet
Breakage - Callahan
Zomby - Digital Flora
Moderat - Seamonkey (Surgeon remix)
Location Recording at Kuramae subway station, Tokyo, Japan

Available here.

Tuesday 8 September 2009

FK @ Deep Space, NYC

It's always such an inspiration for me to hear François Kervorkian DJ.

Nha Trang

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant in New York.

87, Baxter Street, New York, NY 10013

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Food For Thought

'Surgeon - Food For Thought'
63 min. 320kbps 143.9MB Media > Audio section.
Mirror here.

Recorded January 2004, Food For Thought changed the parameters of the techno DJ mix. Until now there has only been a 128kbps version available that had been subjected to overzealous 'mastering'. Here for your pleasure is a 320kbps version encoded from the original DAT recording of the set.

Shiver - Subsonic Soundscape
Autechre - Clipper
Surgeon - Exhibit
Scorn - Twitcher (Surgeon DNA remake)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut Etre ... Pas
AFX - Mighty Force
Monolake - Polaroid
Photek - Trans 7
Renegade Soundwave - Phantom
DHS - The House Of God (DHS remix)
Monolake - Cern
Autechre - Second Scepe
Tony Rohr - Lofishizzy
65D Mavericks - Earthbound (Surgeon remix)
Cane - Fall
Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin remix)
Dom and Rymetyme - Iceberg
Horace Andy - Money Money
Monolake - Stratosphere
British Murder Boys - Live Ritual No.1
Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel
Phantom Power - Can D
Nitzer Ebb - Smear Body
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream (Aphex Twin remix)
Autechre - Cipater (Surgeon remake)
Denis Rusnak - Working Sister
British Murder Boys - Don't Give Way To Fear
Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce - Alien Girl
Autechre - Second Peng
Surgeon - Shaper Of The Unknown