Thursday 29 November 2012

Surgeon 60 Min Boiler Room Mix

Mogwai - Fear Satan (Surgeon remix)
Oscar Mulero - 46 (Regis Antaganists mix)
Aphex Twin - Phloam
Surgeon - Bad Hands Break part II
Vex'd - Pop Pop V.I.P.
DJ Rush - Enhanced
D.H.S. - #9 Bad Acid
Blawan - Lavender
Surgeon - Klonk part II
Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
Blawan - And Both His Sons
Surgeon - Badger Bite (upgrade)
Whitehouse - Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets
Truss - Beacon (MPIA3 Definition)
Hiroaki Iizuka - Blue Box
Chris Page - Corpus Delicti (Blawan remix)
Surgeon - Magneze
Paul Johnson - TA
MPIA3 - Roly Poly Babs
Vex'd - Angels
Blawan - Medulla Rhees
AFX - PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
Whitehouse - Dumping The Fucking Rubbish

Monday 26 November 2012

Neil Landstrumm live at House Of God 11th November 1995

Here's a real treat for you-
Found in an old box of tapes here is the recording of Neil Landstrumm's live set at House Of God, Birmingham back in November 1995.
The recording alone will melt your face off.

Can you IMAGINE what it was like actually BEING THERE?

Comments from Neil- ‘Surgeon just mailed me this tape recording of a live set i did at the House of God in Birmingham in 1995… If memory serves me correct that was the first time I performed there. Anyways its live on hardware (as was the only choice then) rather nasty but still fun..Tr-909, S950,Tb-303, Sh-101, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Tr-606,, Atari ST and some other crap….The Peacefrog and Sativae acid years….'

Neil Landstrumm live at House Of God 11th November 1995

Thursday 25 October 2012

Surgeon - This is the place where the intellects gets annihilated [DJ mix]

Chicago Skyway - Heavens & Angels (Extended Version) - MOSDEEP001
Jake Conlon - Pull Your Neck In - PRTP003
BMB - In Another Country - LTECH002
The 65d Mavericks - Estrangement of the Past (Surgeon mix) - Surface
MPIA3 - Mountains Of Ash - R&S
Milton Bradley - Alien Rain 2B - Alien Rain
Sei A - Hypen - HEK020i
Peverelist & Kowton - Raw Code - Livity Sound
MPIA3 - Roly Poly Babs - R&S
Randomer - Freak Dub - HEK018
WK7 - Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) - PH303
Reeko - Electrical Phenomena - Pole Group
BMB - Dead Sun - LTECH002
Fishermen - Anchor Buoy - Skudge
WK7 - The Avalanche (Original Mix) - PH202
Braiden - Belfry Tower - RH044
Stephen Brown - Fuego - Theory041
Error Ética - Quasar (NX1 Remix) - Psychoskunk
Shadows - Distorted Images (Mike Parker Remix) - AVN006
Karenn - Sailing Solvents - SHEWORKS 004
Truss - Splot - OCS006
Alex Coulton - Bounce - Livity Sound
Paul Mac - Resident Problem - Stimulus
Untold - Breathe (Nautiluss remix) - Hemlock
Tripeo - First Trip (B) - TRIP1
Truss - Beacon (MPIA3 Definition) - OCS006
Paul Mac - Hotel Insomnia - EPM Music
Innerspace Halflife - Wind - MOSDEEP12
TR \ ER - UC - BROS001
Untold - Stop What You're Doing (Kowton remix) - Hemlock
Cut Hands - Krokodilo - VFSL102

Surgeon - This is the place where the intellect gets annihilated [DJ mix]

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Sunday 15 July 2012

Surgeon - Humanity Test [DJ mix]

Here's a mix of some of the new tracks I've been enjoying recently. See if you can spot the odd one out.

Death Abyss - Seek Happiness In Victory, But Never In Peace (Inigo Kennedy remix) - MAK035
Woo York - Void (Truncate Remix) - MUX006
Samuli Kemppi - Hostile - KOMISCH012
Midland and Pariah - SHEWORKS03B
The Exaltics - Node#2 (Delta Funktionen Remix) - MA02
Midland and Pariah - SHEWORKS03A
Untold - Kane - HEK016V
The Fear Ratio - Dirty Paws - BP035
Kazuya Kawakami - Haunt - HHX08
Blawan - Untitled - HINF8674
Oris Jay - Said The Spider (Surgeon remix) - Texture Records
Roberto - Going Nowhere Fast - AFFIN114
Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp remix) - Modularz 8.1
Planetary Assault Systems - Function 4 (Lucy Remix 1) - Mote030
Roebin de Freitas - Doubt pt.1 - Unreleased
Grenier - Uncertain - TEC062
Phase - Binary Opposition (Inigo Kennedy Process) - TOKEN20RD
Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now - Semantica 50
Svreca - Vilna (Orphx Remix) - Semantica33A
Lory D - Acidattak - NMBRS23
Randomer - Search It Out - Unreleased
OM Unit - Preshah - TECCD013
Diversion Group - Shirts And Skins - LINO22
Blawan - Why They Hide There Bodies Under My Garage - HINF8674
Midland - What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) - AUS1238
Jacques Greene - Prism - 3024 019 
Oneohtrix Point Never - Remember (Surgeon remix) - SFT015

  Surgeon - Humanity Test [DJ mix]

Monday 2 July 2012

Teenage Lightning unreleased Surgeon remix

To accompany the 2001 re-releases of their first 3 albums, Coil decided to also release a vinyl box set edition which would include a 12" of remixes by Autechre and Surgeon. The remixes were completed and approved by Coil, but the project stayed on the shelf. Sadly since then both John Balance and Peter Christopherson have both died and it's with the greatest respect to their memories that I make this remix publicly available.

Coil - Teenage Lightning (Surgeon remix)

Thursday 31 May 2012

pictures from Unit, Tokyo

During my DJ set at Unit, Tokyo on 3rd May Satoru Fueki took some amazing photographs. Here are a few of them.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Bad Art

I enjoy taking pictures of Bad Art on my travels and I wanted to share some of my favorite recent examples that I've encountered.

Taken in the window of a really grotty sex shop in Graz, Austria. It's like some kind of Daliesque nightmare of a horny sailor.

Another painting from the same sex shop in Graz. This could have been a Marc and The Mambas album cover.

These two are from the 'art corridor' at a hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. They were for sale.

Saturday 19 May 2012

E-Tard Dance Party 3

The original E-Tard Dance Party.

I recorded this mix back in 1998 to accompany the release of my album 'Balance' on Tresor Records. I remember traveling around Germany by train and visiting different radio stations where I would play this 1 hour mix.

My idea for this mix was that it was an imaginary film soundtrack. It uses a variety of music mixed with some of my own location recordings. The tracklist is lost in the mists of time, but contains things like Sun Ra, Faust, lots of Coil, dub reggae, Scorn, Miles Davis and my own music among other material.

Surgeon - E-Tard Dance Party 3 by dynamic tension

Other E-Tards are also available 1 2

Monday 7 May 2012

Kyoto 1999

After the Dommune talk show on 1st May there was a lot of interest in some of the old video footage show, so I've uploaded some that was filmed during the 1999 Housedust Japan tour I did with DJ Shufflemaster.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Surgeon at Berghain, Berlin 4th March 2012

Here is a recording of my DJ set at Berghain recorded between 7am and 10am on Sunday 4th March 2012. Things are getting pretty deep at that time of day, I was enjoying the waves of energy throughout the set. Internal > External and back again.

Surgeon Live @ Berghain, Berlin - 04-03-2012
While I'm happy for people to share this mix, please don't re-tag the file with the name of your website and re-upload it. 

ps. The fact that cameras and filming are not allowed at Berghain make it a much deeper and more intense musical experience for everyone. I sincerely wish this was the case at all of the clubs I play at.
If you are taking pictures, filming, tweeting or whatever else then you aren't fully involved with the music.

Edit- Tracklist added.

Rhythm & Sound w/ The Chosen Brothers - Mash Down Babylon
Surgeon - The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles
Architectural - Looking Ahead
Rebekah - Who Poisoned Ivy
Blawan - Clays Strider
Skudge - Overture (Substance remix)
Nil - Kazuya Kawakami remix
Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 2)
Inigo Kennedy - Aldebaran
Truncate & Raiz - Flux
Surgeon - Right Road To Dubland
Regis - Application Of Language (outtake)
Surgeon - Klonk part1
Surgeon - the power of doubt
Coil - The Snow (Jack Dangers mix)
Dominik Muller - Silesian Boy (Exium remix)
Secluded - Dimension (Jonas Kopp 5th dimension mix))
Blawan - What You Do With What You Have
Blawan - Freestone
Randomer - Lime Pie
Phuture - We Are Phuture
Nate Williams - Club Patrol
Brendon Moeller - Wanderer 9the fuck yeah vinyl mix)
NX1 - SR1
Reeko - Miracle
Truncate & Raiz - Rhythm
Surgeon - Prowler
Instra:Mental - Vicodin (Skudge Warehouse mix)
Regis - Speak To Me
Basic Channel - Enforcement (Mills mix)
Inigo Kennedy - Revenge
SHXCXCHCXSH - xxzccczxxxx
Surgeon meets Vice - Creep
NX1 - SR2
Karenn - Chaste Down
Monolake - Alaska (Substance remix 2)
Robert Hood - Superman
Ron Trent - Altered States (Terrace remix)
Surgeon - Floorshow II b1
NX1 - 01_01
Blawan - Medulla Rhees
Roman Lindau - Hunt
Joey Beltram - Gameform (Mike Dearborne remix)
Emptyset - All Together Lost (Ben Klock's Glowing Clap mix)
Blawan - Coronation
Reeko - 6 Sievert
Surgeon - Badger Bite (upgrade)
Nil - Absorb
Emptyset - Melusine
Matador - Blond Slackers (Rebekah remix)
Phase - Binary Opposition (Process 1)
Reeko - Momentum
Arab League - Hollywood Goblin
Lone - Rapid Racer
Exium - Syncro
Gregor Tresher - Through The Shadow Glass (Function remix)
Surgeon - Sleep (Ultra Violet)
Randomer - Real Talk