Friday 27 March 2009

NHK World

My hotel has NHK World on the TV, so I'm able to keep up with the current Sumo tournament in Osaka.
Here Goeido is about to fight Tochiozan.

À Mineira

Just got back from lunch at À Mineira
Here in Brazil, they really know how to present a great buffet lunch. Unfortunately my crappy photos don't do it justice.

I started with some salad, then ate Feijoada (tasty, but very heavy)

Followed by dessert of coconut custard, something like madeira cake and some kind of peanut brittle. All washed down with a shot of sugar cane rum. Yum!


Rau Itapeva, Bela Vista, São Paulo.

Friday 13 March 2009

Friday 6 March 2009


Vilnius, Lithuania

Led Zeppelin

This is a cepelinas, the Lithuanian national dish. Its name means 'Zeppelin'. Heaviest food I've ever eaten.

Compliance Momentum 2

Dublin airport making us all feel safer in this uncertain world. I took two pictures, but a security guy saw me take one and made me delete that one from my phone.