Monday 20 April 2009


A one hour mix I did to celebrate the upcoming Japan tour can be found here.

Edit: by request, here's the tracklist.

Walker Brothers - The Electrician
Kode9 - 2 Far Gone
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics B
Peter Van Hoesen - Continued Care
Radial - Premium
Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
Choice - Acid Eiffel
John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery (Lory D remix)
Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyns dark mix)
Kritical Audio - Spandex
BMB4 -Bonus beats
Shed - Lower Upside Down (Surgeon remix)
unreleased remix
Marlinspike - Bongo Rocka
Smear - Lito
Kode9 - Black Sun
Dead Sound - Dead Slater Project
Cloud 9 - Bugged

Saturday 18 April 2009