Tuesday 8 September 2009

FK @ Deep Space, NYC

It's always such an inspiration for me to hear François Kervorkian DJ.


Parchant said...

Hey guys,
I'm sorry I bother you here, but maybe somebody could help me to identify first song of this video. That record is on my mind quite a few days now. I have run out of ideas who is it...Thanks in advance.

Hope Mr. Child don't mind.


Unknown said...

Dr. Alex Paterson - Loving You Live
from Artificial Intelligence compilation released by Warp Records in 1992

Parchant said...

Well, first at all I have to say thank you.
I actually have got this album, bouth of them, but didn't listen to it very long time. I was thinking the other day about this problem with lot of music and keep remeber everything. Maybe you've got any key to do that, because you definately have to have bigger problem than me with your collection.

Thanks again for help.