Sunday 10 January 2010


  1. Who are you?
  2. How much does your identity determine your behavior?
  3. Where are you in space and time?
  4. Where do your thoughts come from?
  5. How are you different from other people?
  6. How are you the same as others?
  7. What is the basis of your system of values?
  8. If all people are the same in essence, what keeps them separate?
  9. What is love?
  10. What is wisdom?
  11. What is trust?
  12. If you could have any single wish come true, what would you wish for?
  13. Why are some people more pleasant than others?


cerpintor said...

What kind of toilet paper do you prefer?

Has sex been a way to escape your problems?

Does alchohol help?

Can I buy you a drink?

Do you feel depressed afterwards?

teresa said...

1. I am a stream of concious energy trapped in a shell

2. My identity is determined by my behaviour

3. Know one knows

4. Depends what you mean by a thought

5. By the external effect and intrusion of the world we all exist in

6. Basic desire

7. Love

8. Insecurities

9. Contentment

10. Having an incling into how much you do not know

11. A possibility


13. Social conditioning mixed with a desire to be loved

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

1 - I'm Dimitri Pike, French DJ/Producer actually in Belgium and soon in Germany.

2 - A lot. My behaviors are directly influenced by my identity. Or it is the opposite ? Strange great question.

3 - On a human calendar I'll say 2010 but I could as well situate myself between reality and dream.

4 - From my personal life experience.

5 - We're all different because we're all the same.

6 - We're all the same because we're all different.

7 - Depends but I tend to valuate things that are true, made with/from passion, I appreciate usable and not too crazy originality.

8 - The fact that we all have a different path, a different background, different hopes, etc...

9 - An illusion.

10 - Something more peoples should have.

11 - Something you need to manage well.

12 - To realize with success a couple of projects.

13 - Question of mentality maybe.

Unknown said...


jmv said...

Who are you? an artist, a musician, a caring person
How much does your identity determine your behavior? it has brought me to where i am, everything good and bad
Where are you in space and time? currently in arizona
Where do your thoughts come from? they just appear in my head, plucked from invisible transmissions somewhere in the cosmos
How are you different from other people? i am highly perceptive and incredibly aware of the suffering of others
How are you the same as others? i think i want the same things they want, to be loved and appreciated What is the basis of your system of values? honestly and straightforwardness
If all people are the same in essence, what keeps them separate? miscommunication and compassion
What is love? the best and worst thing possible
What is wisdom? learning from your experiences
What is trust? mutual respect and honesty
If you could have any single wish come true, what would you wish for? to have a home in sicily by the ocean
Why are some people more pleasant than others? some people learn how to let go of anger and treat others with kindness

Casaubon said...

1. A framework of possible vectors. Revealing the ideology of the concealed behind the fa├žade of the hegemony of pseudo-objectivity.

2. This is unclear, due to the complementarily dialecticism of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

3. Transversing the differential topology.

4. The space-time manifold that ceases to exist as an objective physical stricture.

5. I am a complete elucidation of one, the same and the differentiated and variegated object. A constant that is not a constant. I am the very concept of non-heterodox fluid dynamical become contingent.

6. The periodicity of the syncresis exheridate of all metacritical sense.

7. A decentralised epistemology based on the transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity. Whilst retaining the biomorphoigenicphysics of self-organising systems as the fulcrum of my ethical-relative-centrality.

8. Perturbative nonrenormalizable.

9. The self-consistent nonlinear theory of a symmetric second-rank tensor field

10. The first homology of the sphere is trivial, while those of the other surfaces are profound.

11. Differential topology of manifolds without boundaries.

12. The struggle for the transformation of implicated order within parsimonious ideology. To transgress the boundaries.

13. Equations are the only means possible to describe the complex, chaotic, and non-deterministic reality. And thus the phenomena and the embeddedness of individuals and societies in the cyclical patterns of nature overthrow the static ontological categories and hierarchies characteristics and fades away into mere shadows.

Unknown said...

@jmv @Casaubon

Anonymous said...

Casaubon = Jeff Mills? ;D

medea said...

1. Carbon biped with an inflated sense of self-importance
2. Sometimes surprisingly little!
3. Traveling at the mind-boggling speed of 30,000 meters/sec through space on a round ball. Feelin' fine.
4. Sleepiness, sexiness, hungryness. And a small ball of black matter inside my right cochlear shell.
5. I'm wearing functional, but stylish boots that I haven't seen on anyone else yet. That and I love (to eat) pineapple to a clinical degree.
6. I too often find solace in books and music.
7. Family, my fucked up town (provided valuable antithesis of some of my values), books, John Coltrane.
8. Physics, sexy physics!
9. The ultimate answer.
10. Knowing when to keep one's trap shut (which, for me, from previous experience, is 90% of the times I think I should say something).
11. A volleyball game with a Faberge egg.
12. So very prosaic - legal status in the country I live in for some of my family members. It'd alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress...
13. Usually optimists... the ones who are unselfish and considerate of others'.

Unknown said...


KSI said...

1. a lover of life, male, 39, poet expressing himself through words and music

2. As I'm still exploring my identity I don't have an answer to this question

3 In the common coordinates: London, UK, 2010, third floor on a busy street - closer to earth than to heaven

4 They are a result of observations and the evaluation of these observations according to experience

5 in the actions I choose to realise and manifest my potential

6 in the basic potential all human beings have to express ourselves

7 faith and respect

8 their egos

9 an energy of compassion uniting human beings with each other and with their environment

10 knowledge based on experience and compassion

11 the manifestation of the uniting element within all human/living beings

12 to have and to keep the strength and energy of following my way no matter what obstacles may come up

13 they aren't - it's all your own attitude

logie said...


Definitely some, but it is one of many self forces that do.

Depends on what theory you conform to, everywhere and in the only one moment, or not even at all, or Glasgow, 2010. Probably depends on what I've smoked haha

Electronic patterns multiplied by whatever x is.

Who knows.

We can't be that different.

Anything I have learned, family.

What they are exposed to.

The next 3 are too much to think about, take me ages.

To be able to experience a utopian lifestyle in an a sci-fi-esque far future haha

Choice. Maybe a conditioned or genetic disposition towards.

zettiness said...

Who are you? -- whoever i wish
How much does your identity determine your behavior? -- isn't it the other way round?
Where are you in space and time? -- right here and now
Where do your thoughts come from? -- .. and where do they go?
How are you different from other people? -- not by the ingredients but by the content
How are you the same as others? -- i look alike
What is the basis of your system of values? -- beauty
If all people are the same in essence, what keeps them separate? -- the very essence
What is love? -- one of them things
What is wisdom? -- awareness
What is trust? -- a choice
If you could have any single wish come true, what would you wish for? -- more of the nothing
Why are some people more pleasant than others? -- because they please my demons

Louise said...

1. In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea.

2. I think a huge amount. The idea I have of who I am makes me act the way I do.

3. It changes. Sometimes in a big place, sometimes in a small place.

4. A swirling vortex at the centre of my being.

5. Certain constructions of personality and value make me different, but they're not to be taken too seriously!

6. The inside of my body is the same. The swirling vortex that generates my thoughts is the same. Strange thought: why don't the insides of our bodies look different from each other, just like our faces do?

7. Equality, acceptance, love, fairness and compassion.

8.The illusion of the ego.

9. Love is something that feels so incredibly good it has the power to make real-life things happen in the world, just like an 'engine' - it makes our hearts beat and flowers open, things like that. Love is a bridge between spirit and world.

10. Wisdom is the knowledge that wells up from within and that needs no external verification or approval.

11. Trust is feeling really safe and knowing who in the world loves and accepts me unconditionally.

12. All beings to be happy and free.

13. They are struggling less with their internal worlds at that point in time.

Unknown said...

@KSI @logie @zettiness @Louise
Thanks all so much for your answers.

zettiness said...

Now, dare to share your answers with us, Mr. Child?