Monday 18 January 2010

Purple Valley, Goa

High 35° / Low 24°


spotter said...

v nice, you on your hols ? unless your digging out a few old trance classics for the hippies!!

Unknown said...

Was great to see you again after so many years Steve.
Strictly no DJing for me here!

garrett said...

"Strictly no DJing..." well that answers my question! although i wish i could ask what you play in that circumstance.. =)

Unknown said...

Been listening to 'Miles Davis - In A Silent Way', 'Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians' and 'Brian Eno - Another Day On Earth'

garrett said...

all superb, of course.

spent a day with Miles this wknd. mainly Kind Of Blue and Someday My Prince Will Come.

Rob Booth said...

spent a month out in Goa in Jan-Feb 2010 .. best place Ive ever been too, and Ive travelled far and wide. Arambol and Palolem are lovely, but to get inland and stay with farmers is a joy. Never once did I see a cloud in the sky :)