Monday 7 December 2009

Electric Deluxe Podcast

Yeah I know, another podcast. But this one's quite different.

For the Electric Deluxe Podcast, contributors are encouraged to record something quite different from the standard club DJ mix.
With this in mind, I compiled some of my favorite electro acoustic and experimental electronic CDs most of which is from the 'pre-computer' dominated period of electronic music.

Margaret Leng Tan performs Alvin Lucier's Nothing Is Real (Strawberry Fields Forever)
Jilat - Strawberry Fields
Pierre Henry - Les Tahaumaras I
Bob Ostertag - Burns like fire (exerpt)
Trevor Wishart - Two Women Part 1
PSI Performer - 1961 (Anthony Child remix)
Trevor Wishart - Two Women Part 3
Mogwai - Fear Satan (Surgeon remix)
Whitehouse - Dance The Desperate Breath
Pierre Henry - Le Langage
COH & Peter Christopherson - My Angel (Director's Cut)
Whitehouse - The Avalanche

Download here.


Neil said...

Excellent! I really enjoyed the Fabric podcast and look forward to listening to this.

Unknown said...

I have to warn you, they are VERY different ;-P

Neil said...

That's fine with me!

I enjoyed the music but I also enjoy hearing the music that artists like, other than the stuff you hear them play out.

Always happy to hear new things too!

pete23 said...

Excellent mix! I'll be braving the transpennine express myself this weekend...

Point of order though: the "Peter Christopherson" track is actually a collaboration with him and Ivan Pavlov and was released under the latter's COH project...

I'll get my COIL pedant coat...

Unknown said...

Of course you are correct Re: My Angel
I'm often a little sloppy with the tracklists I post. Have corrected it now.

KSI said...

I really enjoyed this mix. Don't know what your "standard club DJ-Mix" sounds like - but this one is excellent

jo tzet said...