Thursday 21 May 2009

Recording from Void

Surgeon - Void @ The Shelter, Shanghai, China 16th May 2009
01:48:05 from a 3 hour set.

Void nights are at the center of the largely ex-pat Shanghai techno scene. There were techno fans from all over the world at The Shelter that night, including a couple of enthusiastic Brummies (who I played The House Of God track for)
Thanks to Nat, Cammy and the whole Void crew for being amazing hosts on my first visit to Shanghai.

The Chosen Brothers - Mash down Babylon
Smear - Lito
DHS - House Of God 2000 (DHS Remix)
Coil - The Snow (Jack Dangers remix)
Shiver - Subsonic Sound Scape
Drexiya - Black Sea
Robert Babicz - Prism
Cristian Vogel - (Don t) Take More (Jamie Lidell Remix)
Marlinspike - Bongo Rocka
British Murder Boys - BMB4 bonus beats
Felix Da Housecat - Thee Lite (Dave Clarke remix)
Peter Van Hoesen - Continued Care
Planetary Assault Systems - Mark Me
Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Beginning
Norman Nodge - Manmade
Joey Beltram - Ten Four
Morganistic - Marbles
Robert Hood - Untitled Sketch
Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
Choice - Acid Eiffel
Psyche - Neurotic Behaviour
K Alexi - Drug Test
Jellybean - Twilight Drone
Robert Armani - Basement Rats
Surgeon - Klonk Part2
Autechre - Cipater (Surgeon remake)
Reeko - md11 B1
Go Hiyama - Geometrical (Surgeon remix)
Distance - Feel Me
Grovskopa - Sex And Violins (Surgeon remix)
Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics A
Nate Williams - Club Patrol
John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery (Lory D remix)
Joey Beltram - Gameform (Mike Dearborn remix)
Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyns dark mix)
Starkey - Gutter Music (vip)
Kritical Audio - Spandex
Tobias Von Hofsten - Swinger

Now available to download in the Media > Audio section here.


Anonymous said...

brutal set.

Pez Sombra said...

Hell is too sweet

pone said...

seems like your audio section has shrinked dramaticly. to much traffic? no wonder with the quality of your sets.
any chance for a re-upload for this one anywhere. searched the web, but all links point to the vanished file on your server.
the tracklist looks very promising, would really love to here it

pone said...

ahh, found a mirror: