Monday 11 May 2009

Omuraisu 2

More refined omuraisu experience at Rakeru.
There was a bear guarding potatoes at the door.


やまぐ said...

Have you been to Grill Mantenboshi?? There is one in Azabujuban and Tamachi, and I think one more place... A little pricey but nice omu-rice! The omu-rice at 66 Dining in Roppongi Hills is cheap and nice too.

Another dish I love, maybe even a little bit more than omu-rice is doria! Mantenboshi has fucking great doria.

Uh... Sorry, I don't mean to fill up your comments. But I don't meet very many omu-rice enthusiasts!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recommendations, I'm in Shanghai now, so I'll have to check them next time I come to Japan.