Sunday 19 February 2012



klausfiend said...

Great set last night! I hope a copy of it surfaces here. Thanks for visiting LA!

DJ Latinski said...

I am from Macedonia, and been involved with the scene for quite a while now, since 1993, when I lived in Amsterdam and studied at the SAE, where I learned music from the likes of DJ Dimitri, Paul Jay, Marcello etc.Nowadays I feel like a bit of a veteran of the techno and house scene ... but if I'm truly honoust , I am not at all happy with the scene in my country, and at this point I know that I have nobody to talk to about this music, (and I personally believe that it's much more than yet another 'new' genre of music)...its so much more!
if any of this written words appeal
to you write at;

... I did sell my turntables however, but I kept ALL my records.

there you have it ... best of regards from Srki from sunny Macedonia.