Thursday 29 September 2011

Surgeon at Machine, Trouw, Amsterdam, Holland 24th September 2011

The concept of Ben Sims and Kirk Degiorgio's Machine night is to play only new music, not relying on familiar classics to move the crowd.
After Sandrien and Kirk Degiorgio I played my set. None of the music I played was more than a year old.
As before, I really enjoyed playing at Trouw and the crowd were great. Following the set wherever it went.

Surgeon at Machine, Trouw, Amsterdam, Holland Sept 2011.mp3 by dynamic tension

Instra:Mental - Tramma
Nil - Kazuya Kawakami remix
Blawan - Vibe Decorium
Skudge - Ontic (Rolando Understands remix)
Surgeon - Transparent Radiation
Surgeon - untitled
Hiroaki Iizuka - Bluebox
Inigo Kennedy - Scatter
Bas Mooy - Warsaw (Walker FSG remix)
Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (Olof Dreijer remix)
Insta:Mental - Thomp
Shutter - Natterjack B1
Barricade - Aleko
Blawan - What You Do With What You Have
Skudge - Overture (Substance remix)
Paul Woolford - Let It Go (Kommonazmuk & Appleblim remix)
Inigo Kennedy - Revenge
Emptyset - All Together Lost (Ben Klock's Glowing Clap mix)
Xhin - Teeth (Surgeon remix)
Tomohiko Sagae - Deburring (Paul Damage + Makaton Wasps mix)
Instra:Mental - Vicodin (Skduge Warehouse mix)
Reeko - Thick Matter
Matador - Blond Slackers (Rebekah remix)
Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen
Skudge - Convolution Instrumental
Blawan - Lavender
Insta:Mental - Pyramid
Raiders Of The Lost Arp - Night Theme
Exium - Synchro
Greenmoney - Get Into You (Paul Mac edit)
Lone - Explorers


JR said...

Thanks so much for your mixes, your music and sharing them with us.

tek! said...

you are very right. Classics in a set should be scarcely sprinkled cherries on the cake , not tools to get the party going. As always with your sets, this one propels me right into a distopian future , as techno should. great mix!

Franckiie said...

thanks! First time @ trouw. Enjoyed your set and the vibe!

nisu said...

Thanks Tony, the set is fantastic one more time. Good time in Japan.

spiteri1 said...

Brilliant mix Tony. Kept my sane on my flight from Heathrow to Singapore :)

Nathan said...

Killer set Tony. Brutal, dark, yet blissful. Thnx for posting man.

SigEnt said...

This is a fantastic mix, listened to it down the Gym and in the car as my clubbing days are long gone.

Thanks for putting this up, nice Blog BTW.

I said...

Always fantastic. Always welcomed. From club to record to online mix. Thank you and namaste..