Tuesday 29 March 2011

Breaking The Frame 2

Trudy Creen-
"It's made up from a few little pieces of old work that I did in the early 90's of a poppy husk, bits of a leopard from a magazine, old drawings of plants and cherry trees I did in the early 90's, tiny part of a Chinese restaurant menu, and tiny bits out of a Birmingham Irish newspaper that I picked up last time I was there. The rest is just my reaction to listening to your album. I have quite a photographic memory and I've been doing a lot of online revision of art styles and listening to a lot of interesting music which always helps :-)
I just tried to stay true to what you requested. Obviously recent news events and so on have been on my mind too...."


Neil said...

Reminds me a bit of 'Insides' by Orbital.

Unknown said...

Love it, totally different to the usual techno fodder, lets hope the content is as good as the cover ;)

Angel Fernandez said...

can´t wait¡¡¡¡

DomConway said...

Great artwork. Hope to hear some of the new tunes in Bristol on Friday!