Tuesday 7 December 2010

Peter Christopherson tribute mix

The first hour of my DJ set at Bleep43 on December 3rd was a tribute to Peter Christopherson, who died on November 25th.
I chose tracks that either featured his voice, or that I especially connected with him.

Many people have asked me about the set and if it was recorded, so I've decided to make it available.

Recorded at Corsica Studios, London, between 11pm and Midnight on December 3rd, 2010.

Coil Vs. ELpH - pHILM #1
CoH & Coil - My Angel (Director's Cut)
Coil - Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull (Part 2)
Coil - Various Hands
Coil - Red Weather
Coil - Cardinal Points
Coil - At The Heart Of It All
COH - Silence Is Golden (voice Peter Christopherson)
Coil - Are You Shivering?
Coil - Going Up
Coil - The Hills Are Alive

Download (if you re-post this link, please reference this blog post)


Lag said...

rip sleazy :((((
brilliant music and a great track selection
shared this to all of my friends

Mike Darkfloor said...

Thank you Surgeon.

A true talent has been lost to the world. Hell of a discography that he achieved during his time.

Put a post up on darkfloor to help spread his sound and your tribute.



Ben PDX said...

Gutted when I heard this, Coil are one of my favourite and most influential acts ever :(

RIP Sleazy, and John. :(

Going to listen to musick to play in the dark 2 again tonight (after this mix)

Many thanks for putting this up.



Standardgrey said...

Beautiful, respectful.

zK said...

thank you for this

XshadowX said...

thank you...

Benbow said...

RIP Peter Christopherson

Coil are even better than Throbbing Gristle for me.

Julie said...

I had no idea this had happened and only just found out here. Peter's contribution to forward-thinking music is massive. I am shocked. Coil's visionary aesthetic produced some of the most enduring and idiosyncratic music of our time. Much respect. And thank you very much, Anthony, for posting this here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, couldn't have said it better than Standard Grey above.


Matthew Newton said...

It has taken many years for me to listen to them. I should have done it a lot earlier. Thank you for the introduction. Magical music.

Ivan said...

Beautiful tribute.

Anonymous said...

any chance of this ever being reposted?