Thursday, 25 November 2010

Peter Christopherson

May your journey through the stars be peaceful.


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thrrobb said...

though a tiny bit wary of sleazy's death becoming a diana-kind of outpouring, it is, nonetheless, crushingly sad news. the coil and tg mailing lists are awash, and have been since the news began to trickle through early yesterday morning. without being too over the top about it, sleazy's been on my mind - and playlist - for much of the past two days. yesterday i made myself laugh when i left the flat with ELpH's pHILM#1 still spinning and whirring about. on loop, it was still going by the time i came back three hours later. being one of those "sidereal" recordings jhonn and sleazy used to go on about, heaven knows what sort of visions it manifested in the corners while i was out. top track, it shivers the world at the edges every time. after jhonn died it always did the trick - now it does it twice. here's to sleazy's legacy - may it get the treatment it deserves.

love and gristle


Anonymous said...

R.I.P. :_(