Sunday 25 July 2010

Relics 3

Drawn by John Lennon.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, hate to ask on here, but I got a notification from songkick that you're playing in Philadelphia tomorrow (today[Sunday])and next Saturday.

Is this true? Because I'm totally going, if you are...yet it appears you're in Hawaii...

Unknown said...

No, that's not me playing in Philadelphia today or next Saturday.
Sometimes the Internet lies.

Unknown said... always has an up to date tour schedule.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, man. Yeah, I had checked your site, and that's when the confusion started.

Thankfully, I am now fairly educated on my options for surgeons in the Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania region.

jo tzet said...

precious.. this drawing now yours?
just started ashtanga, amazing what a couple of 1.5h sessions can do. can only imagine what its like after months and years of practice :)

Unknown said...

@jo tzet
Yes, it's a fun drawing. Belongs to some friends on Maui.