Sunday 9 May 2010


Ben and one of the DJs from Casa, Fukui.

Masa and Masami.

Yokokan garden, Fukui.


... said...

Can you say to me with what you mix, ableton live? And the controller midi that you use?
Thank you very much always you will be the best!

Unknown said...

Yes, I've DJed using Ableton Live for over 6 years now, using several different midi controllers. Currently Faderfox LV1.
Anyway, the music is ALWAYS the most important thing.

... said...

You have reason. Only the music matters, but I believe that you are of few persons that really thanks to the ableton it improves his sets...

There are people who uses the alone tracktor dj for comfort not to improve and it not to be good.

Big hug!!!