Tuesday 6 October 2009

Filmed at Awakenings Oldschool Edition


Dáire said...

Wow, that looks like some sensory overload! Awakenings sure do know how too put on a show. The pyrotechnics must have been surreal.

Anonymous said...

Total rave!

Traficante said...


spectacular fireworks

is a great experience for an artist and audience

i love your music Anthony,do not ever change

cheers from spain

mauro said...

hey tony do you launch those lasers with the lemur controller too? :o)

whats the first track of the top video? been searching that one for years now.
and maybe you remember a mix from BMB called ¨fraga gogo beer keller¨ in your site said it was the hypnotic side of BMB, there was a track with a sample ¨i am your control youre my control¨ whats the name of that track?
thanx since now Anthony.

Unknown said...

Mauro- The track playing on top YouTube clip is 'Set Up 707' by 'Edge Of Motion' released on D-Jax. Avoid the dodgy remixes.
Answer to your other question is-
'I Am Your Control' by 'DHS' released on Tino Corp.

mauro said...


first track is FAT, serious monster.
i have the second one in my mind since i listened in that BMB mix, now i like it even more because its from DHS.
thanx again for the info Anthony!:o)

sk sk said...

waow =D

spotter said...

not as good as HOG at the Que club though is it !, oh maybee it is actually,sheeet them some lights !