Wednesday 27 October 2010

Surgeon at The Forum, Sydney, Australia. 23rd October 2010

Here's the recording of my 3-hour set at the final date on my recent Australian tour.

It turned out to be a much heavier set than I've played for a long time; I just went with the intensity of emotions that I felt in the room that evening.

I've decided to post this set for the people who were there and made it such a great night.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Zones Without People
Surgeon - Klonk Part3
Robert Armani - Basement Rats
KiNK - Soda Caustic
AFX - Men 1 (loop)
Squarepusher - Planetarium (loop)
Phuture - We Are Phuture
2AMFM - Desolate Cities
OVR - Post Traumatic Son
Xhin - Key
Distance - Feel Me
Raime - Blackest Ever Black 2 (Regis version)
Corridor - Two Days 1
Whitehouse - Neronia
Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant (Surgeon remake)
Bas Mooy - Warsaw (Walker FSG mix)
Vex'd - Angels
KiNK - The Roots Of Techno
Cursor Minor - Everybody Want Power 111
British Murder Boys - Don't Give Way To Fear 1
Bjorn Svin - Eat Like Hawks
Skudge - Melodrama (Aubrey remix)
Jeff Mills - i9
Orphx - Possession
Surgeon - Atol
Robert Hood - Range
Regis - Guiltless
Frank Martiniq - Blast Corps
Chasing Voices - Acidbathory
Whitehouse - Dumping The Fucking Rubbish
KiNK - Daddy Acid
Death Abyss - The Hermetic Antagonist (Mix two)
Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio mix)
Reeko - The Day After
Surgeon - The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles
DJ Hell - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke remix)
Sinistra - Kakax (Gunjack Peak Time mix)
Surgeon - Bad Hands Break Part II
Breach - Fatherless
Surgeon - Exhibit
Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milky Way (Surgeon remix)
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (Surgeon remake)
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track
Aphex Twin - 54 Cymru Beats
Kritical Audio - Krup
Paul Mac - DVD Crash
Surgeon - Screw The Roses (Live in Norway)
Traversable Wormhole - Closed Timeline (Marcel Dettmann remix)
Surgeon - Argon
x-313 - Interferon (Dave Clarke remix)
Jeff Mills -  Real Life
Morganistic - Marbles
Reeko - 6 Sievert
Function - Montage
Scorn - The Palomar
Huren - Tinseltown
Whitehouse - A Cunt Like You
Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce - Alien Girl

Nebula II - Atheama
A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Total Confusion (Confusion Mix)
Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent)
AFX - PWSteal.Ldpinch.D



mrdarkroom said...

Holy shit! You just made my week!!! It was possibly the best set I've ever seen out! Insane!

Hopefully it's not another 10 years before you're back :)


malcolm33 said...

Enjoying so far! :)

pachu said...

Oh great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony!

The vibe in the room was intense and you matched it perfectly... and then reconstructed it again and again!

I think some people still might not be completely sure how you got them to certain points of that set, so this recording should help them out.

Hopefully we don't wait quite so long between drinks this time!



discoloop said...

I was there; had an absolute blast. Thank you for posting this. And yes, much harder than I was expecting. Epic good!

If anyone's desperate for the tracklist, there's some discussion on about what was played, plus some vids of the night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an incredible set.

MattC said...

Thank you so much. The set was the best I've heard in years, simply stunning and outright impressive.

Well worth the 10 year wait to have you back to our shores, and hopefully it wont be so long next time!

Traficante said...

Thank You very much Anthony !!! Do not ever change! Keep it!

Cheers from spain

Anonymous said...

Siiick. Was such a good night! Thanks for the recording!

Sharivari said...

Cheers for playing the Aphex KiNK EP !

Wombat said...

Awesome! One of the best sets I've witnessed and heard. Listening now and bringing back the memories.

Thanks! :)

Jess said...

I just shed a tear of pure happiness! This set was amazing...seriously the best 3hrs of music I have heard in years. You picked the vibe of the room perfectly! Thank you soooooo much for recording and uploading <3

Mookie said...

Thanks so much for posting! Great night, so many tracks brought back great memories. I actually played straight after you (but at the afterparty) and found it extremely hard to leave the venue and your sounds :)

Sue said...

happy I am :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it massively Anthony, Much respect. And get ya arse back here sooner!! One of the best sets I've heard in yonks.

And to Mookie: cheers to you and the SWARM crew for the after party, had a ball, much love :)

Anonymous said...

Anthony, the first track please!! Amazing beautiful and awesome!
Really need it!

Thanks, and come to madrid soon.

Unknown said...

And I didn't think that my memories of the night could have gotten any better. Thanks Anthony for a killer night, and the best memento one could ever have!

Angel Fernandez said...

Good stuff, the song after the Whitehouse dumping the fucking rubbish nearly made me fall off the chair.Waiting tracklist.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Thanks for posting, Tony! It was a great show.

One of those nights that everyone will claim to have been at in a few years' time ;-)

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable night and a very big thank you for the recording and the tracklisting.

tek! said...

killer mix! thanx for sharing.

Anonymous said...




Deephousedom said...

Nebula II - Atheama was one of the first records I ever bought! Still got it on vinyl.

Thanks for the mix!

Anonymous said...

What a night! Thanks for posting the set.

daragh99 said...

Tremendous. Totally uncompromising as always. The last hour was filthy. It was quite intense in that room, the atmosphere was almost edgy at times. Alien Girl was great to hear out again. Thanks for the D/L.

Unknown said...

Very much enjoyed your set on the night, but am most grateful for this, so that I can revisit the music in the comfort of home.Thank you very much. A wonderful mix and, as with your music in general, unexpectedly soothing.

maily said...

i've had a slowed down edit of 54 Cymru Beats done since 2005, only played it out the once and it confused the fuck out of most people.
just love those distorted time stretched ?snare? sounds.
peace from hull.

Anonymous said...

You have always been and always will be the master of techno.

Anonymous said...

Damn good!!!
Muchas Gracias Tony! =)

westsidewax said...

Lol @ Paul Mac's "DVD Crash" - awesome title

zK said...

absolutely inspiring
if only you could get to BKK..hahahah.....

squeak said...

wow, i had no idea you came to aus. oh well, i will have an awesome time digging thru ur set lists finding new shit as always :P

Unknown said...

The only gripe I have about this set is that over the course of what must be listening to it 10x by now, it continues to remind me of how annoyed I am by the fact that your Nitzer Ebb and Soft Cell remakes aren't commercially available :(

Anonymous said...

cheers for the mix :) loving the soft cell rework! looking foward to the berghain in feb


Vince Bagwell said...

You always have and always will be an incredible dj and producer. Much respect to you, keep up the good work ;o)

Smokey said...

Hi Tony,

I'm going to be front and center for your March Chicago show. Please please please do it right and play something like this. This set is magic.