Thursday 21 October 2010

Step Inn, Brisbane


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Just wanted to let you know I absolutely loved your set here. I woke up sore the next day from all the dancing and pogo'ing down the front. It Felt more like a punk gig than going out to your normal techno night. Very energetic and you made a few older guys there very happy, myself included.



Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

Any chance of you posting the recording of the Brisbane set?

I loved it and would enjoy reliving it.


Anonymous said...

yeah id like to relive that one too. Very rare if ever we get to experience anything like that around these parts. Thanks again tony!!!

another simon

Anonymous said...

it was a great would just add to it if the recording was put up.awesome work,thanks for making it to our city and hope your back soon.a/v set perhaps??

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your set and the night! Thank you so much.