Monday, 26 November 2012

Neil Landstrumm live at House Of God 11th November 1995

Here's a real treat for you-
Found in an old box of tapes here is the recording of Neil Landstrumm's live set at House Of God, Birmingham back in November 1995.
The recording alone will melt your face off.

Can you IMAGINE what it was like actually BEING THERE?

Comments from Neil- ‘Surgeon just mailed me this tape recording of a live set i did at the House of God in Birmingham in 1995… If memory serves me correct that was the first time I performed there. Anyways its live on hardware (as was the only choice then) rather nasty but still fun..Tr-909, S950,Tb-303, Sh-101, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Tr-606,, Atari ST and some other crap….The Peacefrog and Sativae acid years….'

Neil Landstrumm live at House Of God 11th November 1995


sean fitzgerald mccallum said...

Ho-lee crap. That is a stomper.

sean fitzgerald mccallum said...

Holy acid stomper!

Pachubatinath said...

Oh my. What an incredible find!

Have you ever done anything like this?

lola davis said...

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