Saturday 14 May 2011

Studio SIX

Impromptu gig at Studio SIX


Matthew N said...

The first half hour of you're domune set is superb. The two japonese tracks you play are amazing. Who are they by and what style is it? i spent hours looking or something similar but to no real joy.

Unknown said...

The first track I played at Dommune was-
Terry Riley - Anthem of the Trinity
The other music from the first 30min was by Alice or John Coltrane as far as I recall.

Matthew N said...

ok thanks a mill. i will check them out then. I thought it was a local sounds.

mauro said...

hey tony what is the track after Exhibit? i would like to know a few more to buy.. is there any chance to get a proper recording and a tracklist from you?
thanx again in advance.
great selection

nisu said...

Cat and string...? Good Flight.

dni said...

Hi! samurai! one quick question!
In 2 days we can buy Breaking the frame but... the digital version too?
The same day? if its possible, where?

Arigatô gozaimasu :)